The Green Mountain Institute for Integrative Therapy and the School for International Bodywork exist to provide expert training in massage and to offer high quality individual massage and bodywork sessions.

Beautiful countryside

Beautiful countryside

The Directors of the Institute are Judith and Michael Jamieson, a husband and wife team with more than twenty years experience in bodywork and counseling. In 1993, after repeated requests to train others, they founded the Green Mountain Institute for Integrative Therapy. Our entire faculty are holistic practitioners with extensive experience in their field. They are also caring teachers, dedicated to helping your training to be a journey of self-exploration.

Courses are taught in Vermont (USA) and Portugal. They attract a wide range of students of all ages, from varying backgrounds and from different countries. Offerings include weekends, short courses, and longer professional courses including a certification program and internship. Programs are available for all students, from beginners new to the field to experienced professionals seeking to expand their skills.

The skill of massage is a wonderful one to have. Professional massage therapists are increasingly in demand and it is an exciting and fulfilling career. Most of our students are interested in using massage professionally, but massage and bodywork make wonderful adjunct skills for many professions, from other health care practices to counseling, social work, personal training and yoga teaching as well as other fields such as  dance and drama. Every year a number of students join us simply to fulfill a long time interest in learning massage for their own growth and personal use.

We believe the training you receive in the small, personalized courses offered at the GMI is the best available hands-on massage training you will find. Our classes are usually limited to 12 students and many of our classes are taught by two teachers. We know each of our students personally so  you get the time and attention you need and deserve, which shows in the skills you leave with.

At the GMI, we encourage each student to release and grow into a more vital and alive individual. We strive to teach you according to how you learn best, incorporating physical, energetic, meditative and emotional approaches to increase your ability to be in the moment, fully alive and in your hands. Our goal is to help you to become a body worker who is able to change lives with your touch. We want to teach you to give what many recipients tell our students is “the best massage they have ever had”; a massage that feels as good to give as to receive.

All massage and bodywork programs are not equal. Students attending different programs of equivalent length do not graduate with the same level of skill. The quality of your training has an immediate effect on your employability and success, and has repercussions for the whole of your career.

We feel our programs, with their combination of very small student teacher ratio, focus on quality of touch and ability to be truly present, emphasis on the transformational potential of bodywork and teachers who are dedicated to both teaching their skill and their own personal growth, are very special. Our graduates go on to become extraordinary body workers.